Better Website Traffic By SEO Blogging

A website alone is not enough. 

To stand out among businesses, your website needs something more than the basics.  You need a website with GREAT content – visually AND written.  One of the best ways to drive the traffic you want to your website is utilizing customized SEO blog content.

Writing isn’t for everyone.  In fact, some people are very intimidated by it.  This is isn’t a bad thing and it doesn’t mean that your can’t write.  It simply means you aren’t comfortable or confident enough with your writing.  No worries! That is what our company is here for!

We offer 100% original SEO driven blog and website content, written specifically for your business, to drive in the traffic you want and get your search rank headed in the right direction.  In addition to great blogging, maintaining a social media schedule will help boost your search rankings if done right.  We can help with that too!

So much about business is perception.  Think like someone that doesn’t know you or what you do.  What does your website say about your company? What does it say about you?  How about your facebook, twitter and Google+ pages?  What image are you projecting?  You can be sure that if you don’t look credible and professional enough, you have a competitor that does.

We know that

Better Branding = Better Business.

And better branding is about more than logos and advertisements – it is about making your business stand above the rest and stand out for all the right reasons.  Contact us today to see how we can help improve your business image and bring in more traffic and new customers now!

How important is your company logo? Branding matters.

Your logo is the brand, or identity, of your company. Your brand should be strong.  You need it to convey a message and feeling that represents what you and your company stands for.  A company logo is one of, if not the most crucial branding components for a company.  Your logo defines the company strongly, and should be one that grabs the consumers’ attention and sticks for good. It could be the deciding factor in a potential customer choosing to become a new and loyal client.

While a complicated logo may offer a more attractive or memorable design, that isn’t always the way it works.  Many major, memorable logos are quite simple, like those of many products and brands recognized worldwide.  Some of the most memorable do not even contain the company’s name, like Nike and Apple.

Also important to logo design is who you are targeting as customers.  You should be sure your branding speaks to the right groups of people.  Knowing your client demographics and being able to target exactly the customers you seek can take your branding efforts to a new level.

Equally important to your success is knowing your competitors.  What makes you a different, better choice?  Why should potential customers decide you are the best choice?  You need to make your company stand out. Your logo should not look similar to your competition enough that it could be mistaken for your competitor.  People see and react to colors and shapes before words, so the choices you make in logo design needs to utilize colors, shapes, and fonts that convey the right image.

There are many things to take into consideration when deciding how to create successful branding.  If you’re looking for assistance with these decisions, make sure you hire a true branding professional to help. An unprofessional logo can hurt your company, tearing down trust in your company and stopping potential consumers from choosing your company. A professional can help make these important decisions about typography, fonts, colors, shapes, and more.  When you embark on company or product branding, always remember – Better branding = Better business!

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Contact Victoria Wright Online today! Let our writing speak for you!

Contact Victoria Wright Online today! Let our writing speak for you!

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Victoria Gift Boutique - Family Trees, Genealogy Gifts, Original Prints, Posters, Jewelry and Handmade Goods